Monday, February 28, 2011

Velious Flyby

I feel like a kid again. A kid who has been given a new toy. Whilst I'm still a little under enthused I am enjoying Velious a little more, mainly down to two reasons. Firstly I'm getting in to the Velious and currently Othmir timeline and back story. It's not to bad a tale and I find myself warming to the cute little Othmir. They remind me (especially Nipik) of a cross between faithful little beavers and an Irish Terrier. Secondly, I now have my flyable mount and I absolutely love it.  I have found myself travelling the long way round just so I get to fly to where I'm heading, even shunning in zone teleportation/travel devices at all costs just so I can mess about a bit in the air. One of the things I love about it so much is the different perspective you can get of some of the truly great locations.

Anyhow, progression and gathering of equipment this expansion so far has been zilch. I haven't replaced any of my Tier 2 yet, but I am storing my quest rewards and drops just in case I start to understand the mechanics changes better and realise the kit is actually really good. I have only done one instance so far (Tower of Frozen Shadow) and even then I was half asleep and not really concentrating, so I have a huge way to go before I become comfortable in knowing all the mechanics, routes and nameds. But finding out is half the fun, so when I have progressed the quest timeline a bit more I think I'll actively try and get involved in doing some more.
I don't have much time today, so I'm going to have to leave it there. Before I do, a quick shout out to our boys from Hereford. A stirling job well done. Keep your powder dry fellas.

One last thing, before I go it's about time I added some Velious media. There should be another to follow. Enjoy..

Be well.


  1. Great vid mate! Would love to see some old world zones :)

  2. Bangers N Mash!!!!!

    Awesome Vid & Awesome Title!!