Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Majesty of a Memory

Had some sad news yesterday, it looks like my long time friend and confidant Jahf may well be leaving EQ2 having finally lost faith in the game and how it is progressing. I can’t tell you how much he will be missed, even though I will stay in contact out of game. I felt that such a moment cannot just be left to fade to black, so have decided to document the occasion with the respect it deserves. There is some artistic license here, so bear with me. Go grab a brew and settle in. I dedicate this short story to Jahf, Jahfster, Jaffacakes et al.


The Majesty of a Memory

Moonlight danced across the pool in slight ripples. Moving in ever increasing circles from the waterfall to eventually brush against the mossy bank. The dappled shadows cast by the bright moonlight almost hid the huge figure sat crossed legged by the pools edge, his head bowed, deep in meditation unaware he was being watched. Master Long Shan of the Whirling Fist Clan stood silently, not wishing to disturb the otherwise occupied Barbarian and with no other particular place to be decided to wait for his old friend to finish his meditation. Setting a small fire close by, the Master pulled a small copper kettle from his pack and filling it in the pool, placed it on the flames, then sat back to wait. A short time later the kettle began to whistle and Long Shen wrapped a thick cloth around the handle and removed it from the heat, pouring a small amount in to each of the two small china cups he had placed, both containing a light tea. Leaving the mix to stew he put the kettle down next to the fire. Movement to his left caught his eye and he saw Voltaan starting to stand from his meditation. Seeing Long Shen he gave a slight smile then came to the fire, sitting opposite the master in the same fashion, crossed legged.

“It is unusual to see you here so often my friend” Long Shen stated, looking in to the Barbarians pale blue eyes. “Indeed, you have been here meditating every night for the last three nights. What troubles you my friend?” he asked.

Silent, Voltaan looked down and sighed. His shoulders usually sharp and broad looked rounded and slumped. He reached for the offered tea cup, dwarfed in his huge hands and drank the hot bitter sweet drink. When no answer was forth coming, Long Shen simply waited and filled Voltaans cup once more. “I have all night too friend Voltaan. I can see something troubles you deeply. Your soul screams for attention and yet you ignore it. I ask again, what ails you? Long Shen is a friend. You know this, and I am always willing to listen.” He finished.

Again his questioning was met by silence and just as Long Shen was about to stand and leave Voltaan to his musings, the big man spoke. “I’m not sure I will ever see him again Shen. He was a man without equal. A bright light in this dark world, a beacon of hope. Yet he is gone, I can feel it. I feel it in here” he said prodding his own chest. “He’s gone.” Shen said nothing initially, simply nodding his head slightly as if he understood. After a few moments, when it was clear Voltaan would share no more, he asked, “A close friend of yours? A Battle partner? Share with me big man. It is said that those we lose live on in our memory and the stories we tell of them. Share Voltaan my friend, let me witness the passing of this beacon of hope you speak of”.

Voltaan, still looking down at his boots was quiet for a short while, then Shen heard him take a deep breath as if to calm his thoughts and slowly raising his eyes to meet Long Shens, he spoke.

“The first time I saw him it was an innocuous meeting. Without note really, but even then I knew. I have a sense amongst men Shen, a good eye and I knew immediately this was a Lion amongst the kittens. Hard and unrelenting in resolve and compassionate of soul. It was silly really our first meeting and to gain all this from it seems perhaps farfetched, but it was there. It was in Kylong Plains, dusk and I was making way from the icy tunnels of Terens Grasp towards Karatun Hold with business to take up with the Giants there. My eyes are not so good anymore Shen and in the half light I struggled to see what happened. There was a hunting party. About six or seven of them. They were chasing down some poor creature, a Gorilla infant perhaps. They had it cornered by some rocks and it had caught itself in some thornbriar, unable to escape. The party were taunting it and playing with it. A cruel act and an act of torture certainly not a hunt. The screaming it was making in desperation and fear was a terrible sound to hear. I felt my anger rising at the display of weak humanoids desperate for recognition from their peers within their group. It was a cruel sight to see.”

Shaking his head at the memory Voltaan continued. “I headed straight towards them and as I did I could feel my heckles rising. It made me angry to see grown men taunting an infant animal, impressed with their own pomp. I knew what I was to do and how I would achieve that when I reached them. I would show them the error of their ways”. Smiling at the memory and gentle shaking his head Voltaan went on.

“I was almost upon them when the rider at the front seemed to flinch a moment then disappeared off the back of his mount to land on his rump”. Voltaans story was interrupted by a resounding “Yes!” coming from beyond the firelight and Voltaan raised his gaze past Master Long Shen to the now gathered Whistling Fists Clan, obviously enjoying the tale. Voltaan resumed his telling, “The chaos that followed was awe inspiring and most definitely hilarious to watch. I simply stood by whilst this shadow seemed to dart all round them cutting saddle straps, slapping horses on the arse, disarming and pulling riders from the saddles. Shen my friend it was a sight to behold. In under a minute all of those bully hunters were either writhing around on the ground in pain or disappearing off in to the distance. At the crowning moment this slight shadow of a figure dragged the lead rider into the thornbriar and left him there whilst gently freeing the trapped creature. Then the shadow spoke, it said, and I remember this clearly, “There are hunters and there are killers. You are neither. Just a fat pompous lump in a briar bush. That animal is worth ten of you. May you rejoice in your worthlessness”, and then it just left him there trapped in the briar. The shadow then stood and walked away from the downed bully, towards me and as it came closer I realised it was a man, moving with power and grace, as he walked past me, heading back to Terens Grasp, he just looked at me and said, “Enjoy the show? Thanks for your help old man” then went on his way. I knew there was something special about this youth Shen, he had shown power and resolve and most definitely compassion. To risk his life for a scared infant creature, well he understood. He knew we are all equal, all goodly living creatures on this world and was unafraid to challenge a wrongdoing, despite being hideously outnumbered. I knew this was a man to walk with the Gods, a being of righteousness and power. I ran after him and fell into step alongside him. He didn’t even look at me, we just walked for a while, then he offered his hand and said “Jahf. And who might you be old timer?”

Voltaan looked up at Shen and his now gathered clan, then bowed his head once more. Master Long Shen  stood then indicated for his clan to disperse and before he walked away, he placed his hand on Voltaans shoulder. “Keep telling these stories Voltaan. Such tales bear the birth of legend. Your friend wherever he may be will walk this world still, in the Taphouses, Faires and around campfires. Jahf will not be forgotten". With this Master Long Shen turned and headed back to Shin. As he looked over his shoulder, he saw the huge Barbarian staring in to the fire, lost in thought.

Thanks for all the fun times in EQ2 matey. You know I'll be in touch soon.

Be well.


  1. Great story mate, as ever!
    Jahf, so sorry to hear this news. Best of luck in whatever world you land in next. Don't be a stranger!

  2. Thanks Bro. :) Sad news indeed. Luckily (for me) he doesn't get rid of me as easily as that ;)

  3. THAT ROCKED!!!!!! I appreciate the awesome story very very very much, MAN that was RAD!!!

    I promise to keep in touch Mere, you have my word on that & tbh I have no idea what to play next but you'll know regardless.

    As long as you two keep the Blogs going I'll still be thoroughly engrossed in everything you both do which is more fun to me personally than playing.

    Man that was awesome Thanks Volt~

  4. Glad you liked it mate :) Created by Voltaan, sponsored by Jahf , lol :) It's all yours bud.

    See you soon Jahf my friend.