Saturday, February 13, 2010

Viggo's here!

I finally got round to grabbing a few photos of Viggo, our new Heinz 57 doggy. He's mainly German Shepherd, possibly crossed with a Rottweiller..possibly. I have no idea really. The vet tells me he is going to be 'muy grandes' whatever breeds he is. So without further's Viggo!

Viggo and the 'Hi-5'

Viggo and his tough blanky

Here's Viggo!

Hope you like the pics.  As for more normal stuff, I have still been spending quite a bit of time on Lotro. I've been clearing my quest journal in an attempt to avoid the problem I have in EQ2 on pretty much all of my toons, where I seem to always have to delete old quests to be able to pick up more. I guess in EQ2 I'm known amongst the NPCs as someone who takes a while to get a job done.  So anyhow, it's been questing fun for most of the time. 

I did hook with my Bro again last night though and we headed for the first time (for me) in to the Barrow Downs. I met Tom Bombadil and Gandalf. Although Gandalf was in the Prancing Pony, not the Barrow Downs. Together, Ghryff and I completed the first chapter of the main story line which culminated in completing my very first Lotro instance, 'The Great Barrow'. We did the easy mode one, that's meant for about 3 fellowship members and didn't seem to struggle at all. The last part of the special instance (linked to the story line) we got to see the Witch King giving out some orders and kick some Barrow Wight butt. My Bro then taught me how to play a duet using the in game music system. We had a banjo duel and even if I do say so myself, I think I pretty much nailed it. All in all, a jolly splendid evening.

Gandalf at The Prancing Pony

Caedluff and Ghryff heading back into Bree

Be well.

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