Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lotro difference

It’s been a while since I have blogged. A few reasons really. Work has been an, erm challenge, shall we say recently, I have been spending more time playing Lotro than writing about it, and finally because we have a new family puppy. The last two reasons have been a huge amount of fun. Little Viggo the German Shepherd cross (I have no idea what he is crossed with) started off as timid little thing. Oh, how initial impressions at the animal shelter can be so wrong. After getting settled in at home Viggo has decided his reasons for existence are to eat slippers and devote his time to a nice bit of chaotic bounding. Not that I mind. For one, it’s Emas slippers he has commandeered and for two he’s sooooo cute! I’ll get some photos sorted and show you.[O..M..G! Aww, has da iccul puppy turned big ‘Durjy in to a silly softee?...spanner – Ed].

As for Lotro, I hooked up with my Bro again on Friday night and after catching him up to Caedluuf on quests (which only took 15 mins or so) we then carried on questing pretty much all evening. We had decided to do a few side quests but pretty much we carried on with the main storyline quests. That is one thing I am starting to really really love about Lotro. The plot line that carries you through the game and the fun interactions you have along the way. The way it works as far as I am aware, is this. When you start the game the Fellowship are just starting out. In fact I am not sure Frodo has even left The Shire when you begin. As you continue through the normal starter areas the plot carries on with you getting involved in side plots that either run parallel to the main Fellowship story or assist it in some way.

Currently for Caedluuf and Ghryff (my Bros Loremaster) the plot surrounds this ranger fellow, Amdir and the fact that he is important to the Fellowship and assisting us goodies, but unfortunately right at the start of the plot lines (way back in the first half an hour of game play) he gets stabbed with a Nazgul blade. Not a very nice thing to happen but fear not, poor ole Amdir has been saved several times by Gryff and I. Recently however, poor ole Amdir is not so poor anymore and has started to turn in to one of ‘them’. With the help of other Rangers Gryff and I have been tracking down Amdir to help him, or indeed to stop him from keep bloody running away so we can help him.

Amdir the (former) Ranger gets a makeover

Unfortunately things progressed to where during some investigations in to the Blackwolds and a little bit of help from Constable Underhill (A Hobbit based in Combe) Gryff and I witnessed Amdir changing into some form of shade, possibly a ‘mini’ Nazgul. Anyhow we were forced to kill him after stumbling on a ritual to turn him involving a group of Black Riders. Whilst watching the ritual we were subjected to the great fear effect that you seem to get every time you come across one of the more powerful minions of the Dark Lord.

Aragorn at The Prancing Pony

Later we headed back to Bree to update quests and take some afks, when we popped in to the Prancing Pony to see Aragorn in one of the back rooms (more main plot line stuff). It was great seeing Aragorn in game, even if it was a short meeting. Like I say, that’s one of the things I have come to love about Lotro, the ability to interact with the ‘main’ plot.

The Shades perform in The Prancing Pony

Something else strange occurred in the Prancing Pony. About 5 minutes before we went in there I went on an afk for about 5 mins to return to Gryff playing his lute and knocking out some really great tunes (more on Lotros music in a post to come). When I returned I asked him how come he had developed some musical skill [Didn’t your Bro used to be a drummer in a band? – Ed] and he went on to explain the in game music system and how players can create real music for the enjoyment of others in game. Bro went on to tell me (pretty much as we were running up toward the Prancing Pony) about a guild who have a band called The Shades and that they actually put on concerts playing their in game instruments. Apparently most of the music is written by Achazia and you can see her Youtube page here. They are so popular that even the GMs turn up to their amazing concerts. I thought this was such a cool idea and just another one of the many things that sets Lotro apart from other MMOs. Anyhow, literally seconds later we popped back into The Prancing Pony to speak to Barliman (NPC) there, and lo and behold, The Shades are putting an impromptu concert on. The Shades were lined up, strumming and blowing their little hearts out. The crowd wasn’t so massive (probably about 20 to 30 people) but that’s not too bad for an impromptu thing. The numbers didn’t matter to me though. It was just another reason why I have begun to enjoy Lotro so much. That little something different.

Be well.


  1. OOO a new puppy! Can't wait to see the photos! Looking forwards to hearing you strum your lute in game soon (does that sound like a dodgy euphemism?)

  2. I've already been strumming my lute!!! oo-er missus!

    Your instructions worked a treat thanks very much Bro..the Pulp Fiction music is my fave. Crackin'.

  3. Oh, and Viggo is super cute. Must pester him with a photoshoot later :)