Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That, is Weathertop!

Not been online too much recently. For gaming or blogging. Dreaded work is pilling on the pressure like Browns cabinet of fear. Things are a little strained and of course with that comes less free time for me. Which is not good because I usually write my blog entries during breaks or lunch, but I haven’t had one of those for quite a while [OMG, you’re a robot. I knew it! – Ed].

Last night however, I did manage to get online for some Lotro fun with my Bro. We only played for about 2 hours or so, but as ever it was great to catch up with him and to hang out. He joined me on Renwick [isn’t that the bug eating dude out of Dracula? – Ed] his 24th Minstrel this time, as I seem to be outlevelling Ghryff. Not by much at all, but enough I guess to make it difficult for him to catch up.

Caedluuf hit 23 last night after some fun in the Lone-Lands. A completely new area for me. I hadn’t really been out of Breeland for the last 15 levels or so, and as such it was a nice change. Damn long journey though. Luckily a friendly Ranger, Saeradan let me use one of his horses to his friends camp just at the base of Weathertop. Yes, Weathertop! There, me and Renwick-Bro completed some quests for the nice Ranger , Candaith I think his name was. He had us running all over the place killing orcs and boss orcs and a few annoying little birdies. I managed to find Candaiths bow that had been stolen by orcs too. Luckily he gave me his old spare bow which was a huge amount better than what I was wielding, so that was nice. I’m liking these Rangers who are helping me complete the main plot storyline quests. They’re most helpful and not surly at all!

On the EQ2 side of things my good buddy Jahf has given me a key for the expansion, which I am most grateful for. Thanks mate, you’re a scholar and a gentleman. Now I just have to work out which of my accounts to pop it onto. Probably going to be Adurj as that account has some other toons on that I don’t mind playing at all. No rush though as I don’t intend to join the EQ2 fun for about a month. I like to let expansions ‘settle in’ for EQ2. One of the main reasons is the cost of everything when a new expansion opens up. I only have limited time and as such cannot afford to waste time harvesting for those rares for Expert skills. If I leave it a month or so, then those rares will have hopefully dropped from the current 20plat price tag. Also, it means that most people will have some sort of idea what they are doing and I can be a leech tapping off their knowledge. I know that’s a little strange as most like to experience the new stuff all for themselves and not learn it off others. I’m like that too, but spare time kind of makes the hard slog a bit tough.

I must admit at the moment with the fun I am having on Lotro, the only thing I currently miss about EQ2 are the people there. That alone is worth jumping in to the new expansion and hooking up to adventure with me ole buddies. So when I do come back, those who know me...expect to be pestered  :)

Until then..

Be well.

That, is Weathertop!

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