Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Rule Breakers Handbook.

I had a trip down memory lane the other day. I was helping set some timers in PotAO with my buddy raiders when I received a very strange /tell. All it said was “Fansy was a Pansy”. I found out who it was from. Turned out to be an old friend I used to play EQ1 (and EQ2) with who noticed I was playing a bard and thought the comment would be funny, seeing as we both followed Fansys antics back in the day. I wonder how many of you reading this recognise the name? I’m hoping quite a few of you who used to play EQ1.

It got me to hunting down Fansy material again, which can be found here. For those who don’t know who Fansy is, or should I say ‘was’, well, I am not sure how to describe him. Some, ok a lot of people who do remember Fansy, especially those who played on the Sullon Zek server will remember him as a tyrant trouble maker. Must have been darn annoying having ole Fansy around. For those who didn’t play on Sullon Zeks ‘no rules’ server, like myself, Fansy was a bit of a hero. Ok, not a hero in the common sense of the word, or mebbe any sense of the word. But he certainly was a lot of fun. Check out that link above and see for yourself. Reading it you may get an insight in to what a childish mind I have. [You? Never! – Ed]

The thing about Fansy and many of the antics to be found at NotAddicted.com is that I am sure quite a few will find them immensely annoying and perhaps a little puerile. I am not one of those who get all worked up about stuff like that. If I get ‘ganked’ or hassled I just move along or move toon. I’m not going to waste my energy fighting something like that because for one, it can be pretty darn funny and two because the person at the other end is a person too and they feel they are having fun. It’s nice to have fun. For example, remember the Noms on AB server? Sooooo many got all riled up over that. Some really took offence and thought the connotation was sexual. I think it was just a bit of fun. It’s not so tough to ignore stuff like that. I don’t mean /ignore, I mean use your adult brain and just ignore it. But as usual, too many complaints meant it was good bye Nom Nom Nom. A shame. Whoever the noms were, I wish you well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate of ruining other peoples game time. But I do appreciate some off the wall comedy and I kinda admire those who grab life by the balls and just say “F*** it!” [steady there sunshine! And I never knew you were a trouble maker– Ed] There are much deeper psychological reasons why people oppose such fun from taking place, some of the reasons are actually quite justified, but I cannot get away from the fact that so often in life we see thousands of sheep doing the 9-5 and plodding on day to day. I think Ferris said it best “Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you might just miss it”, or something like that.

Try doing something off the wall today. Start a conversation with a stranger, be the new Fansy, hide your bosses desk, put food colouring in your works water supply, walk with a limp, finish every sentence with ‘Yo Diggety’, whenever walking away from a conversation moonwalk backwards into the distance. My personal choice today was to refer to my boss [Your boss? You’re supposed to be super high up and responsible yeself man *cries* - Ed], yes even to his face as the ‘Governor Boss Man Hoss Man’ and finished off with a slap on the shoulder and “Yo Slidin playah?”.

It went something like this...“Consider it done Governor Boss Man Hoss Man *shoulder slap* Yo Slidin playah? *added finger wiggle as I walk away*”.

Went down a storm I can tell you. Yes. My boss now thinks I am an idiot. Nothing he didn't know already.

Be well.

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