Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it Snow

Looks like we made it back from the UK just in time! All over the UK it seems there are huge problems with the amount of snow falling. Now it seems like it’s been 2 days of pretty much nonstop snow and freezing temperatures. All forms of travel arrangements are flying out the window with trains, buses, flights all being cancelled to some degree. I was reading some news on the subject and in the comment section was a post from a fella in Alaska, telling my country folk to “enjoy the light dusting” [the cheeky beggar! – Ed].

A similar question seems to be asked a fair amount and kind of in line with that comment, “Why does Britain come to a standstill when there is more than a day or two of snow?” Seems like a silly question to me. It’s because we aren’t prepared for it! /doh. In my mind there is only so much preparation to make for such circumstances, when it takes up usually only a few days a year. If you were responsible for governmental funds, could you justify spending a huge amount on something that in all probability and something that is historically proven not likely to happen? That’s why the UK is so unprepared. Because money is the main factor and convincing your boss to buy an extra 1 million quids worth of rock salt ‘just in case’, probably won’t wash very well.

So, to Alaskakiddo, you live where it snows for 99% of your year, that’s why your government is prepared. We don’t, so we are not. Simplez.

As much as I’m glad we managed to make it back to Spain in time before the bad weather stopped us, I really do miss the UK in the snow. As you can see from the few snaps here, it really is a fantastically beautiful place when dusted [clever. Like it. I see what you did there – Ed] and I am so so glad we got a chance to experience the snow when we visited at Christmas, albeit a lot less of the stuff. It was especially great that the kids could enjoy it. As you can imagine, living virtually on the beach on the Mediterranean, we don’t get much snow.


Near Castle Ring, Staffordshire.

Hawkshead, Lake District

Game wise, I have only spent one evening online properly this week. Mainly due to the problem mentioned in my previous post of wifey having quit playing. Which means my play time is down by default. The time I did spend online was mainly on EQ2 and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or new. What I did do was help Irja and his dirgey out a little bit in The Cove of Decay last night when Octogoron needed his tentacles trimming some. That was a quick 10 minute job, so spent the rest of the time on Voltaan, messing around and cleaning out his bags with a bit of tinkering thrown in. Oh, the other night I did manage to get online for a quick 30 mins to help out clearing the trash from ToMC and YiS ready for tonights raid fun. I’m looking forward to tonights raid. Not really for the content or loot, as it is stuff I have done before and gained most of the drops I need. But because I love hanging round with a bunch of people and achieving stuff. Especially when amongst friends. It’s great fun. Kinda a social thing for me. So anyhow, raiding tonight then I think I should prepare a battle plan for the weekend to try and boost my AA a bit.

Other than that I have been spending a bit of time on ‘Midnight Club Los Angeles’ on my PS3 which I must say is great fun. I know the game is a little dated now, but I love the old Midnight Club series of games. That and Need for Speed are probably two of my fave driving genre games. I have probably only accumulated about 5 or 6 hours on the game so far, but I already have 4 cars and one motorbike and a burgeoning reputation in career mode. It's turning out to be a real nice time filler game.

Right-o. Time for some lunch. Good luck to all my relatives and friends in the UK. I hope the weather doesn't cause you folks too many problems and I'm thinking of you guys.

Be well.

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