Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It’s been an unusually long time since I have posted. Mainly due to family life, a crazy work schedule and computer problems at home. Yes, yes I know I could have posted from work, but I really have been busy, honest.

Anyhow, so what’s been happening? Well, a welcome return to Ed, welcome back home matey, glad to see your flights weren’t delayed and the fact that you lost your baggage sucks. Really. No, it does. For sure. *grin*. [It’s you who has to have the image of me sitting in my underpants editing your work pal – Ed]. Aside from the welcome return of our friend, I have been trying for the last few days to get LOTRO running. A few hiccups met me along the way, but a bit of tenacity sorts that out. So finally, last night I ran the game and sit back to create my new toon then the computer freezes. Just freezes. A kind of buzzing sound, then the freeze. Ctrl+Alt+del won’t work, the cursor won’t even move, Alt+Tab are useless, so I have to do a hard reboot. Tried again, and the same problem, over and over.

I have been having this problem ever since I decided to ditch the crappy onboard ATI card and installed a new Nvidia. I guess I must not have disabled the onboard one fully or correctly, coz this keeps happening. At first it would only freeze when I ran two windows at once and one of them had graphical content. For example, for the last week or so I have not been able to run EQ2 and ACT at the same time because I get the freeze [o...m...g. I bet that’s been killing you. I know you’re a parse junkie – Ed]. But this time, it froze with just LOTRO running and nothing else. It was in full screen mode and there were no other issues. So I guess tonight it is time to take the Nvidia out, properly disable the onboard ATI, then start all over again. It’ll be a pain, but hopefully worth it.

So, onto the other big question I can hear bubbling in your minds. Why LOTRO? It kind of was spurred on from a few conversations with my brother. For a while I have been wanting to give LOTRO a go again {I played on release for a couple of weeks} but have been so embroiled in EQ2 that I knew I wouldn’t have the time. As you have probably guessed since the arrival of Blacke in EQ2 I have been looking for some new stimulus to help me enjoy the game some more again. And it’s been working, I am really enjoying EQ2 when I play Blacke. But, it just so happened my Bro and I were having a chat , both on the phone and back when I saw him at Christmas and he was telling me all about the latest developments in LOTRO. It was during the latest conversation that I realised that my Bro has quit EQ2 for a huge amount of time now and has been well into LOTRO. I also realised that his is the opinion I value the most {especially concerning all things compy} and the one that is most like mine [strange that. You being brothers and all – Ed]. So I kind of got to thinking, if it has kept my Bros interest for so long, I just know it will keep mine...so why am I not playing it?? So I am. Trying.

Toon wise I have decided to have a Hunter, probably a man from Rohan. I am a big fan of DPS classes and normally end up having one or two on my books. Plus I know until I get into the game and get some experience I won’t really know what I will like playing and everyone has to start somewhere. I think when I first tried the game I had a Hobbit burglar. I only played him until level 13 way back when though, and have decided to start a fresh. If LOTRO is anything like EQ2 then it will be quite a different game from when it was first released so I am sure I will be on a steep learning curve. But that’s a huge amount of the fun for me. I love exploring new games and finding my way through both the rule sets and the content is great fun.

But before I do all that, I really need to get compy working and all healthy again. I’ll let you know how I get on with that. There are bound to be a few tears along the way.. [you BIG girls blouse – Ed].

Oh, and before I forget, thanks to my Bro for all your help with this over the last few days. Appreciate your help man.

Be well.

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