Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carbon dating..

This is a little off topic for my normal blogs. I recently became aware of a new type of vehicle being developed and produced and being a bit of a car / bike nut and for other obvious reasons [eh? wha..? - Ed] I decided to let you folks know about it. Some of you guys already will have seen this in the news a while ago.

One question many many law enforcement officers ask themselves "Why does every other service have a dedicated specialised vehicle...apart from us?"..

Well no longer, check out this baby! A purpose built Police Patrol Vehicle.

What a machine! The guys at Carbon Motors (mostly ex-law enforcement) have got together to design and build this amazing beast. And  it's about time. Too long cops around the world have had to manage with sub standard vehicles (apart from some of our SWAT stuff) and now the tide has turned.

This baby can withstand a collision from the rear of 75mph. It is designed to leap kerbs, has chemical and radiation sensors, a special 'holding cell', head up display, stealth mode...and so so much more.

All the very best to you guys at Carbon Motors. I sincerely wish you the best with the sale of your vehicle and congratulations for making our law enforcement officers safer and better equiped to protect and serve.

Be well.

[Stoopids Adurj forgot to give you the link to Carbon Motors it is! - Ed]

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