Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nostalgia saved the EQ2 star??

Last night for the first time in an age I mentored down and grouped with my wife to do some mid thirties Heritage Quests. It was an absolute blast and got me to thinking of times I had previously spent doing the same quests on different toons.

To put you a little more in to the picture, I’ll set a bit of background. A couple of nights ago my wife asked me if I would help her do some questing on her (secret) toon. She needs a secret toon. The amount of hassle and tells she gets when playing Emarald Green is phenomenal. I often wonder if the people she is chatting to realise why the delay in replying takes so long. It’s not because of the adventuring she is doing, auto follow only takes so much effort (:P). It’s because of the amount of people she chats to at once. Its loads of people! She’s very popular indeed. Anyhow, she has a secret toon and needed some help as she hardly ever quests. So we set out to Antonica and picked her up the ‘The journey is half the fun..’ heritage quest from the dude standing on the North Qeynos gate bridge. This is an amazing power levelling quest. Actually quite good fun too if you have a bit of an explorers soul. I usually complete this around level 30 even though it is classed as a level 50 HQ.

So, that night we managed to put in some real cracking times on the first few races because I was mentoring down with Adurj and he has an 85% run speed. By the time we had done, Antonica, Commonlands, Thunderring Steppes, Nektulos Forest, and Zek we decided to call it a night and my wife went off to do some healing on her main. So last night, for the third night running I spent the majority of my time just standing around the guild hall (not such a bad thing, all guildies I have met seem really nice and so far I'm very happy with Tap San). Until wifey decided to play her secret toon and quest. In very short order we had completed the last two races in Enchanted Lands and the Feerrott and a shiny new pair of booties awaited her as a reward. At level 36 and the slider set all the way to 100% AA until the last race where she swapped it to 50/50, Ema made 4 AAs and gained one adventure level. Not bad for one HQ. That’s why I love that quest!

It kind of fuelled her lust for more, so I switched to Voltaan my bruiser and off to Zek we headed! The targets were the ‘Training is a Shield’ and ‘Rescue of the Greenhoods’. Training as a Shield went very smoothly and was finished up to the point where a trip in to Deathfyst Citadel (DFC – similar to KFC but without the 12 secret flavourings) is required in only about 15 minutes. We had another join us as a pick up as they were standing around outside the zone in, struggling to complete the group trials. Following this it was time to speak to Shadow on Zek docks and help the Greenhoods for a little while running around Zek completing a few minor tasks and slaughters for the Greenhoods and the Glademaster. Once the Glademaster seemed happy enough with our progress we could talk to Sasha outside his barn and lo and behold, another HQ to complete. This didn’t take us too long and luckily Sentry Goorlux was up as soon as we checked and went down with no problems.

So now she is all set with two HQs ready for the final updates in DFC and I must say I am quite looking forward to heading in there for the first time in quite a few years. I hear that the place is no longer epic for some mobs, so that should make things a bit easier but even so I am looking forward to adventuring there again. It certainly beats sitting round the guild hall doing nothing apart from thinking about whether or not to cancel my subscriptions. I think I’ll have to spend a bit more time doing fun stuff like that as I’m seriously jaded now with the content in T8. Heading back for a bit of nostalgia may save the game for me, especially with all the turmoil in past guilds/raiding I have experienced recently. Who knows? Guess we’ll have to see.

Be well.

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