Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bangers n Mash

Before I begin today, please welcome back the famed [Ed] from my old Revenants blog. As an entity he is something akin to ‘the Stig’ from Top Gear, but without the large helmet [Oi!! – Ed]. No one knows if he is really real or who it is [apart from you and I of course-Ed], but he does like to comment on my comments and sometimes embarrass me. Good to have you back on board matey, now please be nice [cash works, and btw..wth is the picture all about?-Ed].

So, I’ve been trying to think about what I want Adurj to achieve in game before the expansion comes along in Feb 2010. The list I originally drew up became ridiculous in the end. Partially because I started to ask my mates what they feel I should achieve before the update. I must have forgot to mention that I meant ‘in-game’, and following the last few replies on messenger of “You should at least learn how to dress properly” and “You need to learn and understand the difference between exacerbate and exasperate” oh, and my particular favourite “ You should develop your bathing skills. You smell”.

I actually came up with a short list that may be workable. Strangely enough, without the assistance of my caring compadres.

• Reach 200aa

• Save up at least 50 collection quests for hand in on expansion release

• Save up at least 25 normal quest hand ins for release

• Get up to 400 on Harvesting/Mining/Foraging etc

I’m not 100% sure it is workable, especially with my play time available. But it’s nice to have a goal. Getting up to 400 on my harvesting type skills is very important, and very easy to do. One thing that will be hurting a few, as it always does when a new expansion is released is the lack of rares available. So, to make money and to ensure I have enough rares for my expert skill ups, I will definitely be doing that. I have also been toying with the idea of putting aside a specific time each week to grab AAs, sorry...alternative advancement points (they will always be AA to me). I do it with raids so why shouldn’t I specifically concentrate on old quests, HQs and named mob slaughtering at least for one play session a week? It’s very easy for me to forget I need to do this, as typically when I log on I could get a group straight away. Either in guild or any number of my good friends who I have on AB server. So setting aside some special AA time seems like a workable idea.

On that note a quick shout out to Nolorin, an excellent friend indeed of mine and the missus and one of my readers (I have another, whoop whoop! ) [That makes 3 in total – Ed] and an all round jolly good egg! I titled the post just for you mate ;) I was going to call it ‘being barred from the Police Station’ but Ema might get upset. Why am I chatting about Nolorin? Apart from the fact he’s a great mate? Well he kindly offered to help grind out some AA with me. An offer I will definitely be chasing up this weekend. Keep an eye on your ‘inbox’ matey and we’ll hash out a time to go pick on some nameds etc. Oh, check your emails too bro ;)

The saving up of collections and quests is quite a common phenomenon I have found out in players who are a little forward thinking. There is nothing like on expansion day hammering those in and pop, “ooohhh, I’m 81st level and looky look at me AA”, sorry ‘alternative advancement’ points! So far I have 18 collections saved up. Pretty pathetic really, so I will have to go shiny hunting a bit too. I’m a scrooge or I would just buy them :)

Out of game I had an ok weekend. It was one of those times when everyone seems to want a piece of you. That can sometimes be good if at that particular time you are in a Lap Dancing Club. But I wasn’t and it was people wanting money. The mechanic, the hospital and of course the children. Even my cat wanted new cat food. The cheek of it! He can hunt very effectively, so why he wants me to feed him I don’t know ;) Aside from that it was not too bad really. Got a few Christmassy things sorted, but not a great deal. I am one of those people who like to leave things to the last minute. Not because I am lazy [although you are lazy –Ed] but because I am scrooge and things are generally cheaper on Christmas Eve. Of course you definitely run the risk of having the cool stuff sell out, but that matters not when I am buying new socks and underwear for all this year. I mean who can tell the difference between last and this seasons Y-Fronts? [too in a barrel-Ed].

On the Christmas note, don’t forget during the pushing and shoving and crowds in the towns and cities this year of what Christmas is all about, and show some good cheer to all. Remember your pleases and thank yous, try not to get too stressed, smile at a stranger, buy a coffee for that homeless guy [not a whisky-Ed], and oh..yeah, watch your wallet and purse. Pickpockets and thieves are rife this time of year. Until next time,

Be Well.


  1. Hey Shah :)

    Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that I am immensely enjoying reading your blog *nods* Also, if you need a tank for any of your AA runs let me know ;) Mai has 11 to go, and I am definitely wanting to hit 200 before the xpac.
    Anyway, take care!

  2. Hi Mai,

    Thanks for the warm well wishes and I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings!

    I will more than likely take you up on your offer...not because I'll need a tank. Just because I miss grouping and hanging out with you :)

    Be well.