Friday, November 13, 2009

Raid Fatigue?

Our raid force has taken a bit of a beating recently. Not by nasty Gynok or any other horrid T8 raid mob, but by real life and game fatigue. With the expansion usually due around the 15th November the ‘game fatigue’ period usually isn’t as bad as this year because players are out exploring new content. But with the next expansion not due until February, there are a few months where boredom may well be settling in for quite a few people. That’s what has happened with us and attendance to raid has dropped quite dramatically.

There is also the line of thinking we have encountered that has a disinterest in hitting T8 content, knowing that it will be obsolete in 3/4 months time. It has been said to me “Why spend hours sloggin through mobs when all the stuff you get will be useless soon?” Might seem like a fair point. IF...all you want from raiding is phat lootz.

For me it is not that though. Personally I have recently got back into raiding and I am enjoying the aspect of conquering content whilst having a laugh with 23 other people. The loot is nice, don’t get me wrong. But it is certainly not the main reason I raid.

I guess we’ll either see more or less turning up over the next 3 months. There is not much we can do about that and we will have to weather the storm. Come March/April next year none of that will matter as we will more than likely see a lot more guildies online and the frenzy for level 90 and updated kit will be rife.

Aside from that, I was rather pleased the other day when Adurj collected his Mythical Lamentation of the Intrepid after our raid killed Xygoz. I know it is old content and not particularly difficult, and I have 2 other toons with their myths, but this was a special deal for me as Adurj is my nominated main toon. With TSO making so difficult to keep more than one toon fully kitted if your time online is limited, I felt deciding to keep one toon as my main instead of my normal army of alts was a tough one, but ultimately needed. My time is just too little online to grab all the kit for my other toons. Heirloom doesn’t help me too much either on that score as my main played toons are all on different accounts so I could originally box. So, Adurj my main now has his myth. I love the Dirge myth as it makes one of our most useful skills no longer just for group, but for the whole raid. Cacophony of Blades raidwide is so so useful. With another dirge in our raids we now have about 40 seconds of Chimes and the change to our melee dps’ers has definitely been noticed.

I don’t have a lot planned for this weekend on EQ. We’ll quickly run through Ward of Elements, and I know we have a VP run for those without myths on Sunday, so that will be fun. Aside from that it is shards all the way as I now have all my T3 patterns, but only 12 shards left. I plan on not using any of my T3 stuff until I have enough shards to upgrade all of my armour at once. Hopefully that way I will notice more of a difference.

Aside from that it’s family time and I am sure a few walks along the beach, a few visits to the park and very possibly a visit to Toys R Us will be the order of play for the weekend. As long as I get to spend time with the wifey and my kids, I’m happy.

Be Well.

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