Monday, November 16, 2009

Out with the new, and in with the old...

Had fun this weekend, both in and out of game. It’s nice on the weekends being able to spend time with my daughters and wife instead of working all the time! Usually in the week, by the time I get in the house my one year old is asleep in bed, the wife is already logged on to EQ2 and my seven year old won’t speak to me because my name is not Hannah Montana. Nice to know where their priorities lie *grin*.

In between family and gaming this weekend, I have been catching up with The Office: An American Workplace series three. I just love this comedy. Probably one of my strong faves. I’ve seen quite a few from most of the series (apart from the current series 6), but decided a couple of weeks back to run through them one by one. Fantastically funny. Although I absolutely loved the English Office and am a huge fan of the Gervais, I honestly think the US version is better. The comedy sits better with me. The UK one although very very very funny, seems starker than the US one. Mebbe that’s because I have actually been to Slough. Not hard to understand the depression! Whatever the reason, on the whole the US version makes me laugh more and cringe about the same amount at Michaels inability to interact with other humans in a suitable manner.

Gaming wise I have been catching up on a bit of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for a bit of nostalgia. I just love that game so much. It was my first introduction to the GTA series. Of course I had heard of the series before and even seen them being played, but Vice City was the first one I actually tried on the PS2. Being an 80’s child, there is nothing I like better than jacking up the tunes in my Ferrari Testerossa (white of course!!), popping on my electric blue suit with rolled up sleeves and before I know it I’m Miami Vice. Yes. I know. I am 37 years old. Go away :P.

GTA: Vice City

My buddies have been trying to convince me to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week. I was chatting to them on STEAM the other day and not a bad word was said about the game. I reckon I might give it a go, but my problem is play time. I play GTA: Vice City because it’s a game I can pick up and put back down in under 15 minutes. I just know if I bought CoD:MW I would spend a huge amount of time on it and my EQ2 time would suffer terribly. And we can’t have that! So, mebbe. I might. Who knows, Chrimbo is getting close and someone may deem it a must buy for me.

EQ2 was a lot of fun too this weekend. Started off on Friday night with a bit of assisting guildies with their epic updates in Chelsith / JW-Skyfire and ended up in the daily double grabbing a few more shards. Saturday was WoE night and I got my last pattern I need for full T3. Now I just need the shards so I can get them all kitted. My wife thinks I am mad. I am currently wearing T2 at the moment, with T4 bracers. I have decided to not upgrade my armour to T3 until I have all the shards to fully equip all of my T3 in one go. That way, I should notice a real difference in how Adurj plays. I need 48 shards for my full T3 and I currently have 26. Won’t take me long at all to get the remaining 22 I need, so personally I don’t see the problem with waiting. Think I’ll get a lot more pleasure doing it that way.

The other thing Adurj needs desperately is AA. Currently sitting on 154, it’s just not good enough for the level he is at and the content he is getting involved in. My problem stems around two things. One, the fact that Adurj was power levelled on and off up to about 40th, then in a huge rush from 45 to 80. So AAs suffered there. And thank goodness they upped the rate with which your skills update, or I think I still would be on 250 slashing ;) Secondly, my play time. Because I don’t get much time online and when I do I am usually busy grafting for shards (not long now!), I just don’t have the time to mentor down and go grab some AA. I will when I have my full T3 armour later this week. But until then, it’s shards all the way.

Mayong has stolen me Dads slippers!

Last night saw us head to various raid zones for Myth updates for guildies. MMiS was first and I have mentioned this in a previous blog (on Revenants site) but every time I go there I cannot get over the fact that his boots look like my Dads slippers. I mean an exact replica. The gold piping, the medium blue colour, the pattern. I know it’s sad. I know I perhaps should be concentrating on debuffs, songs, dps. But I can’t help myself. For me, the Mistmoore fight is all about the slippers! We then headed to Thugga and had a very silly wipe almost immediately. Seems we had a few who forgot to walk and crouch and obviously when fighting the skellies they feared and ran into other mobs. In fact I think they must have had a tourist map and gone visiting all the areas of special ‘pull’ interest coz the amount of mobs that came along to visit was crazy. All good fun though. I love a good wipe story.

After Thugga it was a very quick run through PR for the guild coffers. Having recently moved to a T3 guildhouse, Clan Werre needs more cash! So we have decided to run PR once a week for funds. Last night I think we made 117pp from dropped cash.

Next raid is on Wednesday night so I will be spending the next few nights shard hunting like a madman possessed. Not sure I’ll make all 22 in two nights, but I reckon I can get about sixteen quite easily. We’ll see. I’m in no rush. Wonder if this week will be less nostalgic? Had just over the weekend, old raid instances, old GTA, and old Office episodes. Mayhap I’ll actually try something new soon.

Be well.

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