Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old style. Just for fun.

EQ2 last night. I logged in purposefully on EQ2 instead of Lotro as I had promised my old guild leader and friend Sjlverwolf to help him and some others from Acolytes of Valor. As it turns out I logged in with Adurj at about 1930hours (my time) and he was nowhere to be seen.

So, I bumped in to me old mucker Jahf in Paineel and we chatted for a short time before I went to have some dinner and watch a bit of The Office: An American Workplace. I love that programme. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the UK version of The Office but I think the American version appeals to my sense of humour a bit more.

Sj logged in a little later and so him, Jahf, Baresark, Deelora, Wolfgare and I got together to do a quick run of Veksar:The Invasion in Fens. It was more of a case of simply finding somewhere to hang out together than actually heading there to achieve something.

It was a fantastic run through in that we all had a really good laugh and I got to catch up with Jahf on voice chat, which is always a blast. There was only one wipe and that was down to our healer dropping LD in the last fight. Unavoidable really and to be honest I don’t think any of us were thinking about XP debt or anything else boring. We were just having fun.

I love to do groups like that. No pressure, mess about, have an afk when you like type of groups. In moderation of course! I don’t think I would progress anywhere equipment wise if I grouped like that all the time. Sometimes you need a focused, hard working, dedicated group set up to conquer content. But, when you don’t have to, or are burned out from hardcore adventuring there is nothing like catching the chill train to Veksar. Or anywhere really.

An example of how this group was a ‘do it how you like it’ group was the set up. We had no real DPS apart from our 90 SK Deelora was DPS’ing and Jahf (Trouby) and I also. Sj’s DPS was good too and Wolfgare the Fury helped out also. Our tank was Sj, an 88th Paladin over the SK as she didn’t fancy tanking. In fact Deelora stated at the start of the group “Sj, you know I don’t do tanking”. I did actually wonder how a SK got to 90 with avoiding to tank at anytime, but that was the beauty of the group. No one cared as long as we had fun.

On a different note, Lotro should have the Spring festival up and running soon (if it is not already) so I am really looking forward to checking that out. It’ll have to wait though as it’s Emas turn online tonight, so I’ll probably be checking it out on Friday evening.

Screenies of last nights fun to follow when I get home.

Until then, be well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dabbling in Sentinels Fate

It never used to bother me before when I ran ‘Revenants’ blog, but for some reason whilst I have had little time available to post here I have been getting more and more wound up about it. Like an enforced absence it is something I didn’t want but by the same token thought would not be a problem to me. It’s weird. It’s not like I have a huge amount of readers, yet I have been chomping at the bit because I haven’t posted for ages. I won’t bore you with the details of why. You’ve heard it all before, busy work etc.

So, online adventures! First of all, I have now had an opportunity to try out the expansion in EQ2, Sentinels Fate. It’s really pretty good from what I have experienced. Yes, the quests are (so far) very similar to normal, go here, do that. But they have not been arduous at all and Adurj has been clocking them off at a nice speed. I am certainly not rushing in levelling Adurj. It’s definitely not a race and if it was I would have lost a long time ago, mega levelling, just fun. Adurj sits at 81 at the moment. My next step with him is to get his mining up to speed. I simply refuse to pay over 5plat for a rare so that means I need to start mining them myself.

Aside from that, first impressions as I say are pretty good. Not amazing, just pretty good. A lot of people have been waxing lyrical to me about how good the zones look. Well from what I have experienced so far they really aren’t that breathtaking. I think my perception is such for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because the area I am in at the minute (just outside Paineel, in to Toxxulia etc) reminds me too much of the TSO barren landscape. All browns and beiges interspersed with a few little bits of greenery. I don’t particularly like those types of areas. Secondly, I now play Lotro. Lotros scenery knocks EQ2 scenery in to the dust, for six, out the park. You get the picture. I used to really rate EQ2s graphics and the character graphics are still better than Lotro. However, the scenery now in EQ2, especially if I hop from Lotro to EQ2, seems quite cartoony. Sorry Sony, but in that particular area, Lotro has you beat. Hands down.

I was having this discussion with my Bro last night whilst we were playing Lotro and I shamefully admitted to him the other thing I miss about Lotro when I play EQ2. This is so sad and I can’t believe I am about to share. I really miss the sound of my Hunters bow twanging away. [Too....many....responses....Head....hurts....attempting – Ed]. Yes, I know it’s ridiculously sad, but it’s true. I miss how he fights, the huge distance he can use his bow over, and of course the sound of him ripping it. Strange, but true. There ye go. Aside from those things though and forgetting about the scenery issue, EQ2 is still a fun game to play and so far, overall impressions are of a good, fun, playable expansion.

I’m currently looking forward to the Spring Festival on Lotro. My Bro has been telling me all about it and it sounds pretty awesome fun. I’m not going to ruin it yet by providing details, I’ll wait until I have screenies for you. It will be my first event in Lotro that I have taken part in and I am keen to see if it matches up to the likes of the Brewday Festival in EQ2. I’ll let you know.

Until then, be well.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fellowship of the Fellowship

Apologies for the delay in posting. Work isn’t letting up, in fact it seems to be getting busier. Anyhow, I am hoping for a lull and being able to resume normal service soon. Next week or so.

Until then, a quick one to keep us going [said the Bishop to the Nun – Ed].

I had my first proper Fellowship (group) this last week on Lotro. My Bro and I gathered a Fellowship to assist in the taking back of Weathertop. It was only a small instance where you have to fight your way up the sides of Weathertop then take the top. The highlight of the instance is when a huge Cave Troll climbs out of a cart and attacks the Fellowship and once he is defeated that’s it, instance over.

There are a couple of things I noticed when doing my first Lotro group. One is the ability the group leader has to do a ‘ready check’. I thought this was an excellent idea and can think of soooo many times in EQ2 when it would have been useful. I’ve lost count of the raids/groups in EQ2 where the pull was made, the wipe followed and the excuses thereafter. “I wasn’t ready”, is the cry of the moment. This ready check would eliminate those problems. Basically your leader types in a command and that sends a pop up to you stating, “You’re leader is checking that you are ready” (or words to that effect) and when you are ready, you click “O.K” and the leader gets the message back that you are ready. Once the leader has all the answers back, they know you can proceed. Simplez! [another one on the Meer cat bandwagon I see – Ed].

The other thing I noticed was the time it took for our other group members to get to us. That is one of the bad things about realistic travel I guess. At lower level the rest of the Fellowship is hanging around as the other group members slog it across Middle Earth. I think at later levels a certain class (not sure which) gets a summon ability, which can take out some of that waiting around. But as it stands, it seems grouping sorry, Fellowships involve waiting around for quite a while for members to reach you but then the payoff is usually some great fun with your fellow players. Both the Barrow instance and the Weathertop one I have done have both been top notch for fun and interesting content. More please.

First Fellowship

View from weathertop

Candaiths Camp

The Fellowship went smoothly although the Cave Troll was a big tough guy and stretched our abilities somewhat and it was a lot of fun to finally hang around with some other Lotro players also, even though it was short lived. I am yet to experience a full on dungeon crawl in Lotro. I am not even sure if there are any of that I kind of dungeon I expect in an MMORPG. Like Fallen Gate or Stormhold. I am not sure if anything like that exists in Lotro. I’ll have to ask my Bro. He did send me a list of instances but I am not really sure what they are like from that. I really do hope Lotro has a bit of content like Stormhold or Fallen Gate or Sanctum, or Runnyeye. I simply love those type of dungeon crawls and content. I kinda miss that and wish there was a bit more of it in Lotro. There may be, but I haven’t found it yet.

Be well.