Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vamp it up!

Some interesting things going on in EQ2 at the moment. We’ve had some guild drama, always a necessity for the festive season. That seems all sorted out now though, thank goodness. Then we have the big news, the introduction of Vampires as a playable race in EQ2. Obviously the upcoming Velious hype is getting everyone talking too.

I’m not going to go into the guild drama issue again. It’s going to happen occasionally and as usual there is pretty much always someone at the centre of it who speaks without engaging brain. It’s just one of those things that in a large guild is unavoidable in my opinion. The reason why, is because you have factored in one of the most annoying creatures around to stir the pot. Yes, human beings just can’t help themselves. We love problems & gossip, we love causing problems and gossip. As a race that is, not necessarily all individuals. Some individuals are impervious to the need to cause trouble or join in the gossip. Anyhow, thankfully it is all over now and things can return to normal for the holiday season. All is now calm again.

So. Vampires. Check the SoE screenies and info on the new Freeblood Vamp race here. I surely can’t be the only one to see that SoE are cashing in on the Twilight / Vampire Diaries / Trueblood band wagon? It’s quite obvious to me. So, I got to thinking why. Well obviously there are enough folks infatuated enough with the idea of Vampirism to make these things sell big style. The folks who seem to get involved with the ‘movement’ really get in there hook, line and sinker. They just love it! Can’t get enough of it. I myself, well, I don’t understand it. Emarald my wife, she’s infatuated. She even asked me for a ‘Damon’ clutch pillow for Christmas (I ‘think’ she was joking). She also seems to believe that Vampires exist. Of course I’m not saying they don’t exist, how would I know? But I certainly have no evidence to state they are ‘amongst us’. Well, we do have Vampires ‘amongst us’ of course, except they wear suits and are involved in politics. Anyhow, none of this has anything to do with where I’m heading with this.

The first thing that makes me think they are cashing in on this, because SoE really are cashing in on this band wagon. I know this because the Vampire Race is only available if you buy it at the moment. Yup, you don’t get it for free (yet) even on the EQ2Live servers where we pay a monthly sub. Yes, it will probably become free when and if you buy the new expansion in Feb 2011, but until then it’ll cost ye! SoE did this knowing that there would be a fair few folks interested in grabbing and playing one right away without waiting. Not that there is anything wrong with this, it’s why SoE exists, to make money. But they’re definitely cashing in on this.

Will I be playing a Vampire? Unless they get some amazing racial abilities that I can’t do without, the answer will be a most definite, No. I just don’t subscribe to the whole thing. Yes, I enjoyed Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’. It was a pretty good read, a bit slow maybe, but not too bad. But this modern thing especially when done without humour attached, I just can’t get to grips with. It’s all just a little too emo for me. Add some humour and fun, a la Buffy (first three series) / Angel (early), then yeah I enjoy the genre. Those were some finely scripted shows. I guess I just don’t ‘get it’. Smouldering looks, pasty skin, buff bods, piercing eyes, make up. I guess from a lot of discussion I have heard from ladies over this subject, it must be a female attraction thing. I’m sure there are blokes out there in to this genre too though, although I must admit I haven’t found any yet.

Just as a side note, I wonder how SoE will work this. I mean surely your drink spot should now only allow blood to be put in there and no food slot (if we are to believe and subscribe to the myth). Will Vampires burst in to flames if they venture out in to the light of day? How on earth will the Vamps navigate most zones, like Nektulos, when they are not allowed to cross flowing water? In PvP will using a stake kill them? One last point, I haven’t seen any vendors selling hair grease. They’ll need a fair amount to keep that Bela Lugosi look going .

Oh, and the names. I have already seen an Edward running around..looking for the Stefan, Damons now.

After saying all that....It does not mean I am impervious to Vampiric tendancies (this was a last minute quickly thrown together costume for a New Years Eve fancy dress party).

Added for your enjoyment and to give ammo to take the piss ;)

Geeks Vamps R Us!

Happy Vamp Hunting.

Be well.


  1. One of your better photos! Not a big fan of the SOE vamps myself, definitely a cash-in job.

  2. Scary huh? Rofl...
    Did you go to that party at Jims that year? Was a hazy night, but I think I recall you there....

  3. Yes *coughs* I was there. In a kilt. With half my face painted bright blue.

  4. "Well, we do have Vampires ‘amongst us’ of course, except they wear suits and are involved in politics"- Voltaan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Dude, that was hilarious! I agree totally on all your points but that just made my day!

  5. OMG Mere!! Yes!! You were William Wallace...excellent stuff indeed.

    LoL Jahf matey ;) Wise Man speak only in truths brother.