Friday, December 10, 2010

The Unknown Truth

Yet another installment! If you haven't read the post before this one \/ \/ \/  you need to before progressing with this..enjoy!!

The Unknown Truth

Udrath sat patiently, the huge red skinned Troll snoring loudly at his side. It marvelled Uddy how Killzum could sleep whenever and wherever he wished. No stranger to hardship, Udrath still required a comfy bed to sleep with such fitfulness. Turning his attention back to the room in which he waited, he took in the richness of the place. Expensive tapestries, colourful inch thick carpets, exquisite vases and chandeliers. His old tutor had certainly done well for herself. So, he sat and waited. The butler had told him it would perhaps be a few hours before she would return and despite the heat of the Maj'Dul afternoon, even here in one of the many cooler ante chamber’s of the Palace it was still extremely uncomfortable sat waiting in armour.

It so happened that Udrath and Killzum didn’t have to wait long. A scant five minutes later the butler returned with a curt nod and indicated that they follow him. Udrath looked at the still sleeping Troll. “We best leave him here Laddy. Unless you want to wake him?” he offered to the butler. Smiling in acknowledgement to Udraths point, the butler shook his head. One would have to be quite deranged to disturb a Troll. Especially one so terrifying to behold as Killzum Brakkarg. As they strolled through the courtyards and past the fountains and open gardens at the centre of the Palace, the Butler looked over his shoulder at the short Dwarf and spoke. “I recognise him you know. I saw him at the Arena some years ago. That’s The Warg Wrestler isn’t it?”. Simply nodding in agreement, seemingly off in his own world, Udrath brushed the question aside and returned to his thoughts. It could be damn tough convincing the Lady Bovich to leave behind these trappings of wealth and success to engage on a crazy hairbrained quest with her old student, but Udrath knew he had the bargaining to get her to agree. Getting her to see things his way may be a little bit of a challenge though. Even more so considering that Udrath had been an extremely poor student in magicks. It wasn’t as if he needed to know the stuff. It was simply that as a consummate Warrior, he understood that there were many types of adversary and it really wouldn’t hurt to study magicks a little so he could better know his foes in battle. Foes of all kinds. Of course, this was not the only reason he had chosen to be tutored by the Lady Bovich. Duty had been his main reason. A duty of care.

But being a typical Dwarf, beyond a small amount of knowledge in healing powers mostly gained from long talks with Merecraft, Udraths expertise was entirely marshall. Hence he was an extremely poor student. He would be relying on the good relationship he had forged with the Lady and the apparent liking she had taken to his cheeky demeanour to get him through this meeting and of course the last truth hidden up his sleeve. His thoughts were cut short as the butler hammered his staff on the marble floor, stating imperiously, “Lady Bovich, I present Udrath Storm..”. The butler never got to finish his statement as Udrath pushed past him with a gruff “The Lass knows who I am sunshine”, and then as he approached the beautiful pale skinned Half Elf, the Lady Bovich sitting on an ornate chair at the head of the long hall, Udrath bowed his head, “Viota. It’s nice to see you lass. Still beautiful as ever I see”.

“And you good Dwarf. I also see you have changed little,” she said with a smile. “Aye Lass. Older and slower, but still the same me. You should still grow a beard though. Hide those thin cheeks” Udrath stated, mischief dancing in his eyes. The Lady Bovich laughed and the sound itself was magical. “Thornton, thank you. Please leave us and bring refreshments” the Elven woman asked of her butler. Looking back to Udrath, she asked “Ale is good for you brave Stormheart?”. Udrath shook his head at the butler, and looking back to the Half Elf he added, “I’ll not be staying long." The butler nodded and quietly left. When they were alone, the Lady spoke again.

“So what brings my court the pleasure of your company good Dwarf? I can sense already that something concerns you. A friend is in need?” she asked. “Bah Lass. I’ll never get used to that” he stated in reply, tapping the side of his temple he added, “and I’d thank you kindly to stay out of here. But yes, you’re right as ever. A dear and old friend. One lost to me for many centuries, and recently reacquainted. He quests for justice and freedom. Both from his own past and for future good folks of Norrath. Problem is ye see Lassy, he’s chosen old Uddy here as his companion on this quest. I’m duty bound to help him and would walk the fires of broken Luclin to do so.” Holding out his bare arms, looking thin and wiry as they protruded from either side of his breastplate, he continued. “It pains me to admit it, but I’m not once what I was and I’m not sure I’m up to the task. Alone that is,” he finished with a wry smile as he turned his gaze toward his old tutor. “I already have one helping me. He’s waiting outside, and the harnessed power of your great magick finger wagglin’ would help us immensely. Simply, we need you, and I think you'll come.” he finished.

The Lady Bovich eyes glazed for a second, then focussed again on Udrath. “Ahh, you bring the Warg Wrester on your quest. A mighty companion indeed.” Indicating the finery around her, she continued. “So why would I give all this up to assist you,one of my worst students I might add, and your friend,“ she stated bluntly, her expression becoming a little more harsh at the presumption of her visitor.

“A fine question Lass. I’m glad you asked it.” Udrath stated back in just as gruff a manner. Pausing to make sure the next part of the information sank in. Looking her straight in the eyes, he added, “Because it’s ye very own Father who needs a helpin’! Pack ye stuff Lass. We leave within the hour”, Udrath finished and standing he left the way he had come, leaving the stunned and beautiful Half Elf behind him. The Lady Viota Bovich had never known her Father, nor knew nothing about him, assuming he was an unknown stranger to her Mother, who at best was known as promiscuous. Shaking her head and using her considerable mental ability to calm her mind, she took a deep breath and called her butler to prepare her cases.
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  3. Good reading, Let's keep it going, I'm enjoying this!