Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GU#61..more info

Just a quick one, if you read this blog and not EQ2 Wire, you need to head over there or to the official forums (I’m not linking a post there. There are just too many on this subject). Because I hadn’t had so many problems with re-itemisation and things seem to have worked out OK for me and the few I talk to about such things following the GameUpdate #61, I really didn’t understand the gravity of the mess this had caused.

It seems our worries were well founded prior to the update. Disgraceful. Really.

Be well.


  1. Oh dear. Not entirely unexpected. They do seem to want to make a rod for their own back sometimes. Why was all this necessary again? Couldn't they just have done the tier 9 items?

  2. I can't help but wonder how this is all going to play out when you add in the expansion in Nov. & the anticipated release of SWTOR?

    I'm usually content to lean more to the side of "glass 1/2 full" but given SoE's track record in my time playing EQ2 & the constant issues with the game even before GU61, I'm finding it hard to even pretend to be optimistic.

  3. Yeah, I was in the know about some of the problems, but reading that brings it to a whole new level. What a mess and yes, they could have just done tier 9 items. It would have been better. Have you seen the comments about folks soloing named mobs like 6 or 7 levels higher than they are? They haven't fixed all the other tiers, it looks like they have broken them.

    Jahf, you are absolutely correct, I struggle to see the optimistic side here.