Friday, August 5, 2011

Construction Complete

 A picture tells a thousand words...

Yeah. That didn't work in school either when I submitted a picture of my hamster instead of a thousand word me detention. Anyhow,'s finished. If you want to visit, name of 'Voltaan', Gorowyn 6 room on Antonia Bayle server. Whilst you are there have a cocktail in the house itself at Club Tropicana. Go, help yourself. Relax. The drinks are free. Or you could head west along the beach from the Lodge then south to the Wall of Bone. Enjoy.

From the Lookout Tower

The Lake with Othmir Ninja Turtle

The Back Porch, from the lake

Back Porch - Fishing Kit

East Side of the Lodge

North East corner and Front Porch

Front Porch

Front Door

South West Corner - Back Porch from Lake

Front Porch with Granpappy Volts Rockin' Chair

Front Door through to Volts wash station.

Weapon Racks and the The Great Tree

Volts only luxury

O.K. Maybe the White lion blanket is a bit of a comfort too

From Voltaan's Bedroom

I think the word is functional

Kitchen area

Desk. Correspondence doesn't write itself you know

Front Door and Dining Table. One setting. I do have friends. Honest

Supplies. Sacks of grain and fish filleting table

Relaxing Back Porch Comfy Reader

Hay. Wheelbarrow. Just need some animals now. It's stuffing for my bed. OK?

Forge area. Skins drying. Fish curing. Gnomish Generators. Volts an old man. Central heating is needed!

Barrels. Forge.

The Old Man and his weird dress sense

Fishing for two. See! He has friends.

The Main Lodge. Just enough room for one Barbarian.

Fresh bread and a nice Chicken Pie

The Main Lodge

That was a bit of a sensory overload huh? Sorry about that. Thanks for looking.

Be well.


  1. Looks great! Hopefully I'll be popping round for an ale later :)
    Nice sleek new site design too!

  2. Thanks Bro. I had a lot of fun creating it.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon mate.