Friday, June 24, 2011

Net update

It's official, our telephone line is completely shafted underneath the house. Telefonica sent out a techy and have told us they will not and cannot fix that and the supply of telephone service to that house is now impossible!  Nevermind the fact that all the cables running under the houses each have their own little feeder tube and all they have to do is whip out the cable and feed another through. It's not as if it's a difficult job, they even have the piece of string there ready to tie to the cable to pull the new one through, but apparently, not their job.

So, that's it until either I move or can get that wireless I spoke about in the previous post up and running. Oh yeah, forgot to say. They tried to charge us €60 for coming out to tell us this. I won't repeat what Ema apparently told them. Anyhow, bloggy will be updated still from work at lunch times, but online gaming for the minute is down the pan.

Be well.


  1. Not the new I was hoping for in your regard mate. It'll be grand though if your Techy Bud can hook you up with the 20megs of wireless & you're back on playing at blazing speeds.

    Telefonica sounds like a company of 7/11 clerks.

  2. Any company trying that kind of stunt over here would be finished within weeks. Shocking!

    Sorry to hear that mate, fingers crossed for the wireless guy.