Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Frustration Continues..

So, not only has our internet now given up the ghost after just a few hours of being fixed, but our telephone is now not picking up a dialing tone either. Looks like our wires are completely shafted and the technician apparently checked them all apart from the ones he could not reach under the house. Not sure if it's a fixable problem. Well, of course it's fixable, but whether Telefonica will bother is another matter.  A friend of ours had similar trouble and in the end Telefonica said 'we will not be replacing any cables and apologise, but it is no longer viable to offer a telephone service at that address'. I would not be surprised by a similar answer.

All hope is not lost though as we are probably moving house in September to a much bigger place, a pool and...get ready for this..the owner works for an ISP and has plenty of solid connection at about 20meg. With Telefonica, we pay for 6 and get about 3-4meg...when it's working of course. All that's a few months down the line though and if we cannot get up and running at our current place it looks like we may be offline for quite a period of time. At least it's summer and there is plenty to do outdoors.

Be well.


  1. Sorry to hear that mate, really sucks. Let's hope they can sort it out, though you don't sound very optimistic.

  2. Hehe, nah, not very optimistic. They got back in touch earlier and said "there is construction work going on at the moment in your area, that is probably to blame". They have left it at that and said, "if it isn't working in a few days get in touch again". Manana mentality ;)

  3. Ok mate, I'll let the guild know you could be away for a bit. :(

  4. I hope it works out in your favor, I know for a fact that that mentality is pervasive in the US as well. Customer service in general now is hit or miss on a grand scale..