Monday, July 25, 2011

Who's a clever little asshat?

This weekend saw the completion of the Wizard Spire event in Eastern Wastes and the Dragon Ring event in Great Divide. I didn’t take part in the Dragon Ring event, but I was lucky enough to be about when the Wizard Spire final quest popped at 99.7% completion of the Spires. At the time I was just standing around and Jahf (on his Ranger I think) happened to be stood near me and we ended up grouping in preparation for the final event quest.

I cannot explain how many player characters were there at the Spires in Eastern Wastes, but it sure as hell caused some devilish server/instance lag. At one point the dude you have to speak to (Researcher Kilat I think) was not to be found anywhere, and masses upon masses of PC toons hovering all in the same area waiting for the NPC that would be buried under all of the PCs meant that for about 20 minutes I couldn’t even see him let alone target him. As it happens, when Jahf and I popped off to gather some crystals to help hurry up the progression of the event and all of a sudden it moved forward pretty damn fast and we had to make the hop back to the Spires quickly. Jahf very cleverly warned me to delete the quest originally given to me for those Teleportation coin thingies (tokens) and as we approached the Spires, I automatically got offered Researcher Kilats quest for the final epic battle and a very nice 500 tokens.

So, Jahf and I were sat under the tent, waxing lyrical about the benefits of pulling in a tent to negate knockback, when we both moved forward as it seemed the many raids present were gathering ready for the start of the event. It wasn’t until we got closer to the crowd that we realised it had already started, but the lag was so so bad, we could only see the combat text “Soandso is stunned!” and so on. It was quite clear the battle was taking place, but absolutely no NPC mobs were to be seen to actually try and hit. It was that way for the whole fight. It was clear a battle was going on around us, but I could not see one mob, just lots of damage being done and heals going on. I was concerned about not getting enough credit to get the quest update to I ran around like a crazed idiot spamming my area effect spells. But still nothing. After the fight had ended my quest thankfully updated, even though I hadn’t hit one mob. Strangest thing though. After the battle to see what the hell happened I switched windows to my ACT which had been bubbling away in the background and it hadn’t even registered the battle. The list was empty. As far as it was concerned I may as well had been sunning myself on Antonica Beaches.

What Jahf pointed out to me a little later was pretty cool though. One of the GMs (I can’t recall his name, Jahf help me! Think it was Gnil...something or other) had been in chat channels checking that all those present had gotten the quest updates/rewards as they were aware of the laggy bug that was happening when the fight was taking place and they just wished to make sure that no one who was there got left out, which I thought was pretty darn cool of them. Anyhow, I got my update and my many Tokens. Which I promptly spent on two replica Wizard Spires, a couple bags of teleporters and plenty of shards. It was only after I had done this though that I realised that there was a merchant at the Dragon Ring event too and I had perhaps missed out on some cool loots.

I headed over there straight away to find out and to my dismay there was a really cool replica of the Dragon Ring available for 25 tokens. I only had two left! Because both the Spires and the Dragon Ring events had been completed, the only way to get more tokens was from the shiny like collectables found around the event areas as ground spawns. So, I spent the next hour scouring the area and gathering enough until I could buy a replica of the Ring event. Mostly when I was harvesting these collectables, the PCs were gracious and I tried to do the same where if I saw another near a shiny token collectable, I stayed away. Mostly they did the same for me too. However, as always there was this one particularly inspiring individual who had either an excellent connection, amazing reflexes, or a hack of some sort. He would run up to a node and even if I had started harvesting it, my green progression bar would conclude only to be told, ‘There is a lottery for that loot already in progress’. He did this to me numerous times. I was going to report him, but then realised I could not be bothered to waste more of my time on such a well rounded and obviously highly educated individual and just sent him a /tell. “You’re a clever little fukker eh?”, I got a standard “I guess” answer and I just left it. I only needed two more spawns at that point anyhow and as I said, my time is too precious to be spending with those of such higher social standing than me. I could name him, but then again, I can’t be bothered. Those who deal with him will already know of his sterling quality as a human being.

Is it just me or is my English sarcasm taking a real royal outing today?

Right –o, that’s me done for the minute. Thanks to Jahf for the Spire event fun and help whilst there. I’ll be back soon with an update on Mere’s and my progression through Kunark.

Be well.


  1. Sounds like fun... chaotic but fun!

  2. The GM was Gninja Adurj, and I'm pretty sure I have about 50 tokens I don't plan on using so I can buy you 2 of the items you want for your home, I don't mind at all.

    Here's the other cool part that I planned on telling you today, I did the Dragon Ring Event in Great Divide Saturday evening after you logged off as it had hit 99% as well, I was in GD4 & due to a myriad of reasons the 2-3 raids there wiped repeatedly & by repeatedly I mean ALOT!, any way the event was completed in a couple of the other instances & we weren't able to retry because the 4 Nameds despawned. Gninja again took the time to come to the zone, invite 23 of us at a time to a raid w/him & individually update our quests for another 400 tokens & a GD teleporter & Title as well as the 15 plat. Now that is a GM that deserves all the accolades thrown his way.

    It was chaotic, it was fun, I had a blast, and I also came away with a much higher level of respect for Gninja *(Proper Respect due)* for taking the time to do this as I can only imagine the tell hell he was in based on the whining going on in 80's & 90's chat after the Mobs despawned, it was truly a sight to behold..

  3. p.s. I was on my Brigand :P

  4. LoL. I'll get the right toon one day *grin*.

    Thanks for the name of the GM, Gninja. He really did deserve a mention and to be honest the crap he must have put up with in /tells as you said must have been mammoth. Like you say, big respect due to the guy.

    Thanks for the offer of more items from the event. I am not sure but I tried to make the Spires and dragon Ring bigger, but they only go so big. Maybe I need to try outside and not in my living room. To be honest matey, I am simply amassing stuff I think I'll need for my new island when they come out! Thanks very much for the offer. I have 2 spires and a dragon ring now..but I do need to look again as there is some quite cool plants from what I recall.

    Anyhow, thanks for the fun mate. Like you say, chaos but fun!

  5. Btw Bro, please forgive me for being a tad cheeky, but could you edit the Title so it reads, "Who's a clever little asshat" as this is the correct use of 'Who is' instead of 'Whose'.

    You know I'm a stickler for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.. ~.^


  6. LMAO, Jahf. I logged in this morning to do just that, then saw your message. Although now it makes it look like I'm an illiterate idiot..But I promise, I'd noticed and was coming back to fix it! Honest! No really, I was!