Friday, January 14, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Minds

It’s that time again. Velious is coming. My AAs are not high enough and I still have work to do. Voltaan is currently sitting at 220 AA and I really want to be on max 250 before the expansion comes out. Time will be the only restrictor on that. In addition I need to get Uddy up to 50 before next week so Merecraft and he can head off to Desert of Flames. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also looking forward to the weekend. Saturday night will see the resurrection of the Acolytes of Valor raids that I used to run. We are kicking off with the Tier 6 raid 'Spirits of the Lost’ in Cazic Thule. It’s the raid instance that is part of the Froglok timeline first released way back in 2006 I think it was. It was when the Froglok race was released and to play one you needed to complete the questline in the hidden village of Kugup off the Feerrott. It should be a load of fun. I love running raids for AoV. They are most certainly not hardcore and I endeavour to include all who wish to come, no matter how much kit they have or experience. I run them just for fun, and that is what we usually end up having. I’ve lost count of the amount of our raids that have degenerated in to (sometimes drunken) laughing fits.

The very first ones I ran were way back when I first joined AoV. That’s got to be in 2005/6 as well. We used to go and do the faction raids that you can pick up from the NPC near to the guild registrar dudes in both Qeynos and Freeport. Back then Killzum my Troll Zerker was the raid tank. Many happy memories. I still to this day get reminders from the folks we used to do them with and more often than not a bit of reminiscing about the good times ensues.

More recently I used to run the guild through TSO raid zones, most notably The Ward of Elements so those not so hardcore could get their tier 3 Fabled shard armour. Again many many laughs, probably most notable the Badger Bum incident. I’ll not elaborate, but you can bet whatever you come up with is not as ‘edgy’ as what we came up with on the night. Yes, a smidgen of booze was involved then too.

So, Saturday at 8pm Central European Time, the Spirits of the Lost raid will commence and hopefully some more good ole memories forged too. If you read this blog, play on AB and wish to come along, give Voltaan a shout on the night or leave a comment below. We haven’t anywhere near a full roster yet. But be warned, sensibility will be left at the door of Cazic Thule and only fun allowed from thereon in.

That’s all I have time for at the minute sadly. I’m mega busy at work the first few weeks of every year, hence the fewer posts. I’ll get things up and running more regular soon!

Be well.


  1. Can't wait for Saturday mate, should be a load of fun :) Appreciate the effort you put into organising these things!

  2. It WAS a load of fun! thanks for coming and keeping us standing mate! I'll update my raid thoughts in a blog post soon.